Finally, I got a full face shot of the Rox.  Usually, she turns away when I aim the camera at her and I end up with the back of her head or worse, a butt shot.

Checking for any crumbs remaining from the cookies I handed out to her and her brothers.

A far cry from her normal dignified and regal appearance.

Peaceful Repose


A rare moment of peace where brothers get along.

It was sunny and the temperature got up to 58F!  How can you stay inside when it feels like Spring is calling your name?

So, we went outside and surveyed our domain.

Then, we stretched our legs.

We played with a bucket

and deconstructed an old remote.

We finished with a good roll in the grass.

All in all, a most productive almost Spring day!

Long Time, No See

I finally got my camera working again and am going to try to post a video of Zachy Mac and a new toy.

Zachy Mac’s New Toy

And what said toy looks like a half hour later:

Only the Kong Braidz toys seem to hold up longer/better.  Oh well, at least he enjoyed himself.


First, we start with the big, red Kong bone,

Then we switch to the headless Kong braided monkey (amazing how his arms and legs are still attached – those are usually the first things to get chewed off),

Next up is the crocodile who was featured in a previous post.

Bored now.  Let’s try the red Kong barbel.

Ending with the big donut,

Which makes a good chin rest after a rough day of playing.


We are hunkering down and waiting for Irene.  Hope all our fellow East coasters are keeping safe and dry during the storm.


That earthquake in Virginia sure had a long reach – I felt it while sitting out in the backyard with the guys earlier this afternoon (we’re in New York).  I felt my lawn chair rock a little, like when one of the dogs is bumping into it while laying underneath, but I didn’t realize what it was until after coming inside and seeing the news on the internet.  Surprisingly, none of the dogs had any reaction to it.  Guess they were too busy doing zoomies and playing to notice.

Zacky Mac is bigger than the Rox now and he’s only about six months old.  I have a feeling she may not be the Queen for much longer.

Chillaxin’ after a hard day’s romp…

Back inside, all three are pooped.  Roxy is down and out for the count in the recliner in the living room, Jordie is curled up under my chair and Zack is asleep under my desk with his blockhead resting on my foot (both are snoring).

Anybody else feel the earthquake?

So now that the new kid has been living here a few months, what does the Rox think of him?

Grudging acceptance.

Ignores him when she can.

Jordie’s thoughts?  He considers Zach a nuisance, always wanting to play with HIS toys!  Always trying to get in Jordie’s face when he’s trying to nap under my chair.

But once in a while, for just a few minutes, peace reigns and they all relax together on a beautiful summer’s day.


Oh Hai!

(How can you not love a face like that!)



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